Mole Removal

Laser treatment is an effective treatment to remove moles from the skin. Small moles that are non-cancerous can be eliminated using a laser. The laser energy breaks down the cluster of skin cells forming a mole. This method is useful for removing moles from the face and ears which is hard for the cutting treatments. This method is potent to remove multiple moles at a time.
Moles are cell growths that can appear anywhere on the skin; face, arms, legs, stomach, etc. It occurs when the skin cells grow in clusters and not as usual. These pigmented cells are usually black or brown in color. The growth of moles is expected in the first 25 years of life and mostly in childhood.

Some moles can change in color, size, and texture over time. Exposure to the sun can also stimulate its growth in a few populations. Therefore, it is advisable to limit sun exposure and use sunscreens. Moles can get serious if it becomes cancerous. Hence, it''''s better to remove it timely from the skin before it turns dangerous.