Lip Colour

Lip color is a type of cosmetic tattooing that semi-permanently enhances lip color by depositing colored ink into the lips with a mechanical needle. The resulting lip tattoo is subtle, not saturated, thanks to recent advances in semipermanent makeup.
"Lip blush tattooing is similar to the whip-shading / coloring or pepper-shading techniques seen in traditional tattooing," explains Shaughnessy Otsuji, cosmetic tattoo artist and cofounder of Studio Sashiko in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. "Using a single needle and a quick, consistent hand motion, we are able to create a series of dots as opposed to a solid line as the needle goes in and out of the machine, penetrating the skin."
The resulting tattoo, which typically lasts for two to three years, imbues lips with a flattering tint, like a stain or balm. After getting lip blush, you can still wear lipsticks and lip colors to switch up your look, if you like—but many lip blush clients are happy to go without lip makeup.
"For some clients... the goal is not having to apply a daily lip color or gloss," Otsuji says. "At the end of the procedure, the client should feel more confident with baring their ’natural,’ product-free lips."
Lip blushing gives lips a gorgeous, barely-there flush without the lifetime commitment of a traditional tattoo. The perks of lip blushing include:
• Long-lasting lip color
• Increased pigmentation for pale and aging lips
• The ability to customize your lip shade
• Fuller-looking lips without the need for injectables or surgery
• Enhanced lip symmetry
It''''''''s also effective for a variety of skin tones. "Lip tattooing can work well on all different skin types when done by an experienced professional," Otsuji comments. "Proper care must be taken when working on lips that are rich in melanin as there is a higher risk of hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) if the area is overworked."Color correction for scars and uneven pigmentation.
You may need to prep for your lip blush tattoo several weeks in advance of your appointment—and potentially talk to your doctor before going under the needle.
Otsuji recommends skipping lip blush tattoos if you:
• are pregnant or nursing
• take Accutane, steroids, or blood-thinning medication
• suffer from cold sores,
• are prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation