Eyebrow shaping

Sometimes, a little separation is a good thing, especially when it comes to eyebrows. If you have a unibrow or excess hair in the area medically called the glabella, it can become major insecurity. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get rid of it once and for all: Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal.

Not to be confused with eyebrow shaping, eyebrow Laser Hair Removal hones in on the space between your eyebrows. Our lasers target the hair follicles, emit light pulses, and effectively remove the hair from the area. In seconds, you can finally break that bothersome brow in two.
It may seem strange that such a small patch of hair can make a major difference in a person''''''''s appearance, but it''''''''s a valid statement. Often, it''''''''s the most subtle tweaks that can produce the greatest results. Think about the best eyebrows you''''''''ve seen. They were likely natural-looking, not too thick or thin, and separated by a very small patch of skin. Small tweaks to your current brows are all you need to reach eyebrow perfection. And all of that can be done in seconds with Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal.

How to prepare skin for laser hair removal?
If you plan on receiving Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal, be sure to stop any waxing or tweezing six weeks before your appointment. Laser Hair Removal targets the melanin of the hair at the root, so the hair shaft must be intact for your Eyebrow Removal to be successful.

how to care for skin after laser hair removal?
There’s little to no downtime for Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal, meaning you can head right back to work or back to your daily routine immediately after treatment. If redness or irritation occurs at the treatment site, apply a thin layer of Aloe Vera gel. Be sure to avoid direct Ultraviolet exposure, such as sun tanning or tanning beds, in the week following your Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal.